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Email us at NovoAndinaStore@gmail.com for any question or comments. 


"Coca leaf " has traditionally been considered by our native people as a sacred plant of great nutritional and curative value. Coca leaf as we know it today was cultivated from a millennium of ancestral knowledge and exists due to the hard battle of a few ethnic groups against the eradication of the leaf with chemical and biological techniques. The coca tea or mate de coca that we promote is the best available on the market and the winner of several awards for quality, flavor and taste.

All our products are totally organic with no pesticides or chemicals involved in any step of the production. Take advantage of our monthly promotions. We will be adding extra features and products periodically , so come back regularly.

Some of our coca products are produced under processes that controls the amount of illegal alkaloids* leaving behind only the beneficial alkaloids and some contain all alkaloids, it all depends on the brand and precedence of the product, if you have any doubt about what you really want, please email us or post the question at our Facebook page.

At this site, we accept all major credit cards and PayPal, we also accept Money Orders, Personal Checks (shipping after clearing). Google Checkout is soon to be discontinued, however our sister store www.MysteriousBolivian.com still accepts this kind of payment till November 20th, 2013.

All orders are shipped from Charlotte - NC or Boston - MA, Standard First Class Mail (5 - 9 Days) Expedited or Priority (2 -3 days ) for US and Puerto Rico only. Express shipping is available but remember that we only ship on Tuesdays and Fridays before noon EST.

Updates about delays, product's availability, coupons, offers, Bolivian information, recipes and interesting articles are posted weekly at our Facebook Page  & Mysterious Bolivia Blog 


All questions and comments: NovoAndinaStore@gmail.com.



We are closed 3 business days before Thanksgiving, 3 business days before Christmas eve, 2 business days before New Years, 4 business days before Easter. Friday before any Monday Holiday. 

Shippings are scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays only, no exceptions.


"Note": Due to quarantine regulations, all Australian orders must be shipped by Priority or Express mail. We offer worldwide shipping and all our parcels are 100% guaranteed for delivery. Italian orders, please add the express label to cart, sorry but the Italian mail service is one of the slowest in th world!! 


*Coca leaves contain more than a dozen alkaloids that are completely legal worldwide, some of which help increase energy, reduce appetite, help control craving, increase metabolism and decrease fat consumption, fight fatigue, promote feeling of well being, be healthy and safe. As coffee can be decaffeinated, the coca tea can also be decocainized. Just like "decaf" coffee does retain a minute quantity of caffeine, "Decocainized" coca tea will still contain a minute quantity of the drug. When the cocaine is removed, the amount of cocaine is small enough for the product to legally sell in the USA according to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs "Wikipedia"




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